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Hire Stock


Here is just a small selection of equipment that we have in stock. This is not our full hire stock! Please contact us if you require something that is not on the list. Also quoted, is a few 'school' lighting packages for when you just need to 'throw some light' onto the stage!





Fresnel Lantern –
A soft edged adjustable wash light, typically used over stage – 500/650w                                                                                      

  Prism Convex Lantern –
Same as Fresnel but a slightly 'harder' and wider light output – 500/650w


  Profile Lantern – Used to 'point at stage'. Adjustable hard or soft edge, good for image projection 500 -1200w

  Flood Lantern – Used to light back-drops and curtains – 1, 3 or 4 cell variants – 500w

  Par Can – Traditional Rock 'n' Roll Lantern. Good for chases and effects 


LED Par-can Lighting – LED lighting, useful lantern used for colour mixing and where there is not a lot of power in the building. Used for front-light, back-light and side-light.






 Lighting Desk – Manual 2 way preset or memory control boards available – Strand/Zero88


Dimmer Packs – The link between the desk and the lantern. Available in 3, 4 or 6 channel versions


  Radio Microphones – Wireless Lavaliere or Headset Sennheiser microphones – individual mic'ing

  Boundary Microphone – Good for amplifying a 'group' of people singing etc.

  Sound Desk
– Sound control point. 8-32 channel desks available

  Speakers – Various power ratings available






Various types of cable available from lighting control (DMX) and Audio cables through to Mains power cables. Please contact for details and prices.



We can supply a set/scenery, staging and curtains for your show! Purpose built sets are also available for your venue. Please contact for details.




Lighting Packages


4 Lantern – Consists of 2 x 500w Fresnel’s and 2 x 650w Fresnel’s a Zero88 Alpha Pack 3 channel dimmer, 2 way grelco, Lighting stand, and 10m power extension lead. - £45


8 Lantern – Consists of 2 x 500w Fresnel’s, 4 x 650w Fresnel’s and 2 x 600w Profile Lanterns, 2 x 4 channel dimmer pack, A control board, 2 Lighting stands, 2 x 10m DMX Leads and 2 x 10m power extension leads. - £75


16 Lantern – Consists of 4 x 500w Fresnel’s, 8 x 650w Fresnel’s and 4 x 600w Profile Lanterns, 4 x 4 channel dimmer pack  A control board, 4 Lighting stands 4 x 10m DMX Leads and 4 x 10m power extension leads. - £120


24 Lantern – Consists of 6 x 500w Fresnel’s, 10 x 650w Fresnel’s and 8 x 600w Profile Lanterns, 6 x 4 channel dimmer pack, A control board, 2 Lighting stands, 4 metre lighting 'goalpost' stand 6 x 10m DMX Leads and 6 x 10m power extension leads. - £225


Prices do not include delivery or fit up. All prices are based on a 'Theatre week' hire*


N.B. A Theatre week is up to 10 days




We can also provide sales and fixed installations as well. Please ring us with your requirement for a no obligation quote!


Also available are, LED Lighting, Smoke and Haze machines, Pyrotechnics, Moving Head Lighting, Strobes, UV Lighting, Filters and Gobos. - Please ring for details.





LED 'Multi-par' Par-can lighting has now been added to hire stock. Perfect whether you need lighting for a show, uplighting a room at a wedding, lighting a band or even staging a karaoke night!!!!


Nexo PS-10 systems are now also available for hire. Perfect for Theatre Shows and Artists who are looking to improve their show and/or playing bigger/more up-market venues.

We have added yet more equipment to our hire stock. More Fresnels and a 7000 Lumen Projector!!!! More lighting stock to be added within the next few weeks. An investment of more LED Lighting to suit customer and venue demands.

Theatre sets also available for Theatre/School Prdouctions includes....Oliver, Fame, Hairspray, Bugsy Malone, Grease, High School Musical and Les Miserable to name a few. Some photo's available on request.

P.A.T Testing 


 We provide a customer orientated service for events in Wales and the West, supplying technical equipment and management for Theatre/School shows, conferences, end of year proms and fashion shows to name a few.


One of our services is providing Portable Appliance Testing for electrical items. Being an events based company, we specialize in testing performing arts equipment such as Stage lighting, sound equipment, guitar amplifiers and computers, which is perfect for schools and colleges.


Your Way Events Management are qualified to carry out P.A.T. Testing on all your stage lighting and other electrical equipment. We will test the items at your venue saving time and any inconvenience on your selves. A typical electrical item will cost £1.20 (dependant on number of items) to test with exception of your stage lighting.


When testing your stage lighting we will do all the usual electrical checks and also the following:-

-      Clean lantern inside and out removing any dust

-      Clean lenses and reflector

-      Make sure that any moving parts run freely

-      Re-rig the lantern if applicable


The cost per item for this is £3.50


Every tested item will receive a pass sticker and unique number. You will also get a certificate with all the results from the test.

In the event of failures, you will be notified on which items have failed and we will then discuss the solutions before proceeding with the repair. Minor repairs such as missing washers, earth crimps and new cable will be repaired free of charge without notification. Any other items such as lamp holders, plugs and lamps (light bulbs) will be discussed before replacement to discuss the cost of these parts.



Electrical Installation Work


Your Way Events Management have qualified personnel to under-take any electrical installation work. Please contact us with your requirements and/or to discuss a site meeting at your venue.



* We are C&G 2382, C&G 2330 L2 & L3 and NVQ Performance Engineering Operations Certified to undertake electrical work 



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